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Category Archives: Celebrity

Encountering your heroes

I took my Dad to see Team GB play Senegal at Old Trafford.  He used to go there every week, stand in the Stretford End and watch george Best, Dennis Law and Bobby Charlton play.  I got to watch Ryan Giggs, one of my heroes play for the first, and probably last, time.  He took […]


I’ve been trying to write a new blog post here for a while now, thinking about the Superbowl, the F.A. Cup, Egypt, a book I’ve just finished reading called ‘Room’ (which I heartily recommend) and a few shows I’ve seen, but nothing has quite seemed to cut it.  I think there has been a slight […]

Paxman and Brand

“Famous people appear to have significance and previously it was religion that gave people that sense they had a significance” (Paxman) httpv://

Myth and Infamy

This is nothing monumental in itself, but carries one thought of significance; by the time I wake up tomorrow, I will never again be able to join the infamous ’27 club’ – my time will have passed.